End Covers

Manufacturer: ICS Wear Group

Part Number: ICSMMECV

OEM Compatibility: Warman® 024


    End Covers

    Manufacturer: ICS Wear Group
    Part Number: ICSMMECV
    OEM Compatibility: Warman® 024

    Product Outline:

    ICS Mill Master end covers display a combination of properties that allow for exceptional performance. High quality bearing assembly components ensure that the critical link between the pump and the motor isn’t a weak link in the chain.

    End covers, along with the bearing housing, provide the foundation for a long-lasting bearing assembly. They create the clean and sealed environment for  for your bearings and allow the chosen lubricant (typically grease) to be the most effective. Low quality end covers won’t provide true mating surfaces to create that seal against the bearing housing. As a result the lubricant may become contaminated leading to increased wear on the bearings. ICS Wear Group end covers avoid these issues by providing the best possible fit with other ICS Mill Master critical spare parts or their OEM equivalent.

    Don’t go without critical spares when you need them most. Contact ICS today to find out just how quickly we can have replacement parts from our warehouse to your job site. We pride ourselves on our logistical capabilities and want to put it to work for your business.

    Product Reference Table

    Reference Number ICS Part Number ID (mm) OD (mm) Height (mm) Wt (lbs) Base Price (USD)
    B024D21 ICSMMBECV 51 118 22 1.8
    C024D21 ICSMMBECV 67 156 29 3
    CC024D21 ICSMMBECV 75 153 29.9 3
    D024D21 ICSMMBECV 89 191 33 5.3
    DD024D21 ICSMMBECV 101 193 35 5
    E024D21 ICSMMBECV 114 225 37 8.3
    EE024D21 ICSMMBECV 130 230 39.4 8
    F024D21 ICSMMBECV 140 280 45 14.5
    FF024D21 ICSMMBECV 162 280 43.5 14
    G024D21 ICSMMBECV 190 390 46 41
    S024D21 ICSMMBECV 165 305 50 21.3



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