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At ICS, our custom fabrication and castings are more than just copying what you already have. For many of our worldwide clients, we have fabricated custom castings that end up lasting longer than the originals.

For custom castings, our proprietary materials available include ceramics and coatings (ie. sleeves, lantern rings and restrictors). Our group of engineers are available to work with you on customizing any parts using our proprietary alloys or for those parts you would like to swap out or prolong wear life (i.e. pump parts, chutes, elbows, piping, wear plate, liners, etc).

We have gone and painted 30% High Chrome or Higher parts a Dark Grey for selected customers, as they were having inventory issues. This color coding system is available to all customers if they require. Our paint shop also stocks many other colors so we can do requests on an individual basis.

Contact ICS today for all your mine site’s custom fabrication needs.

ICS Custom Fabrication Case Study

Shown below is a custom designed elbow, which we created to replace an original equipment part that failed. We received a sample casting from our customer, created a new drawing and a new pattern, which the customer signed off on.

We redesigned the elbow, modified the wall thickness, and changed the alloy. The result was a component which fit perfectly into the original assembly but lasted 97 per cent longer than the original component. If you’re looking for mining equipment manufacturers who produce parts that far exceed their originals, look no further than ICS Wear Group.

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