ICS Shaft Sleeve on Test Shaft
At ICS all Mill Master Sleeves are tested on our test shafts before being shipped to confirm fit !!!

ICS Mill Master sleeve’s overlay maintains the correct combination of properties that allow for exceptional performance. The combination of high hardness, high density, high bond strength, non-galling, low friction and exceptional corrosion resistance allows ICS.HP wear sleeves to outperform many exotic “high performance” coatings in the most demanding, abrasive pumping applications.

A packing application applies specific demands on the equipment, specifically friction and abrasion. While tungsten carbide and other exotic overlays provide an exceptionally hard wear surface, carbides are held in place by relatively soft binding alloys. Binders erode, exposing carbides that further complicate the wear situation when forced to run at high surface speeds against relatively soft packing polymers. This is a perfect example where increased hardness is not directly related to increased wear life.

Benefits of ICS Mill Master Sleeves

  • Smooth sliding surface, resists scouring, while preventing packing from being damaged
  • Fewer sleeve change-outs, saving money
  • Significant improvement in running time, saving money

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