When working with ICS, the first benefit is going to be to your bottom line.

Benefits of Choosing ICS Wear Group, Growing National and International demand improves shipping processes and reduces costs! In an effort to save costs and with a growing demand for our products worldwide, we have set up over 80 accounts with various local, international & government agencies to ensure that your products are shipped cost effectively while arriving on time and intact.

Our logistics team is updated and well-educated on all country standards relating to crating, customs documentation and transport times.

ICS is a cost-effective operation allowing us to pass our cost savings on to you, the customer. For example, although raw iron prices have soared over 65 percent recently, ICS has been able to hold its overall cost increases to five percent annually. When you compare the prices of our parts, you will notice significant savings over OEM provided parts.

ICS products save you both time and money

ICS Saves You Money

ICS saves you money on parts by offering you an alternative to the high prices charged by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Plus we maintain an Annual Fixed Pricing policy. So when we quote on an item, that price will not change for 12 months.

We manufacture and cast superior components that last longer and require less maintenance as well as providing alternate options which maximize your investment in your original equipment.

Free Stocking of Critical Spare Parts
We have over 80,000 square feet to store your parts which allows for quicker turnaround times in case of emergency orders.

ICS Saves You Time

We save you time with services like our bearing exchange program, on-site repairs, and in stock parts (which eliminate back orders and minimizes downtime by immediately shipping parts to you).

If your product is not currently in our warehouse (which contains on average, $10 million in inventory of stocked pumps and parts), we will work directly with you in filling your order in a timely manner. Our standard is to have your order shipped within a four to six-week period. If you require your order to be filled sooner, it is always an option to have orders expedited.

ICS Employs Strict Quality Control Standards

At ICS, we’re serious about quality. On the fabrication side, our chemical compositions exceed the basis by which A05 was established. As well, our fabricated components don’t even contain the allowable levels of trace elements or contaminants when melted down. Higher quality material allows for a higher quality product.

Our high level of quality control ensures we meet our primary goal – satisfying our customers. We will work for you and with you towards achieving maximum operating efficiencies.

Our solutions include:

  • Pattern templates or custom pattern design
  • Rubber molding and urethane molding
  • Alloy/Steel/Stainless Steel castings
  • Centrifugal castings
  • Pump castings
  • Abrasion, Corrosion, Impact
  • Slurry applications
  • Centrifugal horizontal replacement pumps and parts
  • Complete machine shop facilities
  • Problem solving competitor designs and subsequent design modification
  • Re-rating pumps to meet new hydraulic challenges

ICS Wear Group provides complete repair kits in custom crated boxes for return of worn parts to be analyzed for testing of wear issues. Each crate is designed for immediate repairs. Typically, these kits will include TRB, VOL, IMP, FPLI, shaft sleeve & spacer and all related o-rings. These kits are assembled in-house and will be stocked at your request. It is imperative that you have the ability to monitor and modify, if required, any castings that are being poured. That being said, ICS Wear Group works directly with foundry experts to ensure that your castings are designed and manufactured exactly as we have quoted them. This means that both locally and internationally, we’re overseeing your product’s development.

Mill Master Sump Pump installed

ICS Services

Industries that we service include: Mineral Processing – Sewage and Waste Water – Coal Prep – Cyclone Feeds – Aggregate Processing – Fine Primary Mill Grinding – Chemical Slurry Service – Tailings – Secondary Grinding – Industrial Processing – Pulp and Paper – Food Processing – Cracking Operations – Ash Handling.

ICS Parts

  • Complete AH line of parts, as well as new pumps to replace pre-existing AH Pumps
  • All high seals components including frame plate liner inserts, expellers, expeller rings, stuffing boxes, and lantern rings
  • All “EP” components (wet ends – frame plate liner inserts, impellers, throatbushings, and volute liners) – minimum quantities are required
  • All “TL” thick liners (both metal and rubber)
  • All “RE” reduced eye wet ends (impellers and throatbushings)
  • “WRT” replacement wet end components
  • 28%, 30%, 34%, and 36% high chrome wet ends, as well as proprietary CrWI30Mo1 material
  • All hardened sleeves, as well as ceramic sleeves
  • Ceramic wet ends
  • Sump Pumps
  • Water Pumps
  • Petrochemical Pumps