As top quality mining equipment & custom equipment manufacturer, we don’t just copy, we make custom fabricated mining parts better than the originals. Due to our expertise in combating component wear in many different applications, we do more than create replacement parts for slurry pumps – we create replacement solutions.

For many of our clients, we have designed components that last longer and work better than their original parts.


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Custom 2 Split Lantern Rings and Restrictors

ICS Wear Group gives you two options:

  • Choose from our catalogue of current pattern templates, all of which have been tested in the field. We mark everything we make with a serial number, so we can track field performance; or
  • Choose to work with us for a custom-designed pattern precisely matched to your operating conditions. Many of our custom-designed solutions quickly repay the cost of development by giving our clients longer service life and/or greater operating efficiency.

Available Casting / Fabrication Methods

For either option, ICS gives you cost-effective, on-time delivery. We can handle almost any request. As leading mining equipment manufacturers, our facility has the capacity to deal with components ranging in size from one pound to 8,000 pounds and can work with a variety of alloys.

Available custom casting methods include:

  • centrifugal castings,
  • chrome moly steel,
  • die castings,
  • ductile iron,
  • grey iron,
  • high-chrome white iron (HCWI),
  • lost-wax castings,
  • manganese,
  • resin castings,
  • sand castings,
  • and stainless steel.

For all applications requiring ceramics, rubber, and/or urethane, our team of engineers will take your sample and/or drawing, design a mold and provide you with a custom built product. 20 plus years of combined experience in mining manufacturing ,we know you need more than parts. Our parts able to withstand the inherent wear factors of your industry, whether that wear is caused by abrasion, corrosion, and/or impact.