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We Manufacture and Sell Heavy Duty Mill Master Slurry Pumps and OEM Parts to Worldwide Clientele

Slurry pumping is the life blood of any mining site. It’s critical that your pumping equipment is capable of handling the most extreme of conditions.

If you’re having problems with your existing pump or need a brand new one, we can help. Is your existing pump vibrating a lot or leaking? Does your slurry pump shaft break frequently? Are you having problems with wear life of your pump? Whatever your issue, our industry-leading slurry pumps and our experts can help.

Our pumps are designed to offer high performance, reliability and low cost of ownership, when you purchase a slurry pump from ICS, you aren’t just getting a heavy-duty product which can handle highly abrasive slurries; you’re gaining access to second to none support, who will work with you to solve your problems and improve your slurry pumping process.

Sizing: 1.5×1 to 20×18
Head: 5 to 95m
Capacity: 3 to 5000m3/h
Pump type: Horizontal & Vertical (submersible)
Material: Cr28, Cr30, Cr36,CD4MCu, Rubber & Neoprene

  • can replace the leading OEM AH,AHP,AHE,AHPP,HH and XU pump lines
  • can replace Warman®, Metso®, Millmax®, and GIW®
  • high Chrome percentage’s available from 28-38% – Materials can be recommended based on abrasiveness, impact, corrosiveness, PH levels, etc.
  • ICS also offers Neoprene, Viton, Urethane, EPDM, Rubber, Butyl, Nitrile, and specialty elastomers
  • Spare Parts are available in Ni-Resist (C02), C14 (329 Duplex SS), C21 (420SS), C22 (304 Austenitic SS), C23 (CF8M), C25 (CN-7M SS), C27 (825 Alloy), C29 (904L Austenitic SS), C30 (27Cr 31Ni SS), C43 (431 SS), C44 (440C SS), C55 (Ferralium 255), and C60 (SAF2205 Duplex SS)

*** We have pumps and parts ready to ship worldwide from our warehouse or we can create a custom pump or part to your required specification. ***

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Slurry Pumps and Parts for Every Application

Depending on your current application, ICS Wear Group can supply all motor mounts, guards, and motors to ensure that you are pumping at the best efficiency point. Our testing shows ICS Heavy Duty Mill Master slurry pumps operate between 11-25% more efficient than the competition, including Warman®, Metso®, Millmax®, and GIW®.

  • Mineral Processing
  • Underground Mining
  • Surface Mining
  • Mill Thickener
  • Coal Prep
  • Cyclone Feeds
  • Aggregate Processing
  • Fine Primary Mill Grinding
  • Chemical Slurry Service
  • Tailings
  • Secondary Grinding
  • Industrial Processing
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Food Processing
  • Cracking Operations
  • Ash Handling
  • Petro Chemical
  • Sulfuric Acid

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We supply slurry pumps and slurry pump parts to clientele all over the world. Whether you need a new pump or a pump part, we’ve got you covered. Our parts also fit Warman®, Metso®, Millmax® GIW® and other OEM pumps.

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