ICS Wear Group is not an authorized distributor of parts or services for the products of Goulds®/ ITT Goulds Ltd®, GIW®, Durco® / Flowserve® Corporation, Warman® / Weir-Minerals Ply. Ltd® or any unnamed companies.

ICS Wear Group products are not associated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by any of these or any unnamed company.

ICS Wear Group endeavors to only supply parts to the after-market for components which were originally designed and developed more than twenty years ago. Our aim is to provide end users with an alternative supplier of components, thus bringing competition back into the pump after-market.

This competition benefits end users with:

  • Fair, competitive prices
  • Realistic lead times
  • Improved product support
  • Incentive for future product improvements by all original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)

All companies and end users benefit from competition, since competition improves service to customers and makes the overall industry stronger.

As a company with patents of our own, we have a strict policy of not infringing on valid competitor patents when providing after-market parts. However, there are very few recent patents in the industry, since pumps tend to be based on very old and common design principles. Almost all pumps on the market – and certainly the majority of those requiring replacement parts – are based on patents issued more than 20 years ago, which have since expired. This 20 years of previous patent protection has allowed the developing companies ample opportunity to earn returns on the original product development.

As a provider of after-market parts, we supply pumps and parts that assist end users with competitive prices, greater availability and quantities, and a high level of service. We also give end-users the benefit of our component upgrades, which can produce improved performance.

If you believe we are supplying a part which is covered by a valid patent, please contact us immediately so the matter can be quickly resolved.

The replacement parts and assemblies provided by ICS Wear Group fit into all ‘AH’ installations.
Any use of competitor names, trademarks, model numbers, item numbers or part numbers is for reference purposes only.

Durco® is a registered trademark of Flowserve Corporation New York USA.
Goulds® is a registered trademark of ITT Goulds Pumps Inc., Seneca Falls New York USA.
Warman® is a registered trademark of Weir-Minerals Pty. Ltd. Sydney Australia
GIW® is a registered trademark of GIW Industries Georgia USA.

Note: all listed pricing information found within icsweargroup.com is subject to change without notice.