Mill Master Pump Rebuild Program

Pump Rebuilds and Diagnoses from Our Experts

  • Fast worldwide shipping

  • Up to 30-40% less expensive than the competition

  • Up to 25% more efficient pumps than the competition

  • We can replace Warman®, Metso®, Millmax®, and GIW® pumps or pump components

  • Backed by our leading guarantee

  • All rebuilds are completed at our shop in British Columbia, Canada

  • Exceptional customer service

Put Decades of Experience on Your Side

Let the ICS team of technicians and engineers diagnose your pump issues and help provide cost-saving solutions. ICS Wear Group has been offering professional sump and slurry pump rebuilds for as long as we have been making pumps. The experience we have gained from analyzing trends from across the full range of pump applications and process types is an asset, and we can apply it to help ensure you have the best combination of equipment for your site.

Supporting Job Sites Worldwide

Our team of experts can provide personalized feedback and support via virtual meetings, site visits or your site can send us the problem pump direct and our team will disassemble it in our shop, providing a complete assessment of wear patterns and life remaining on parts. Any salvageable parts will be reused in the rebuild after cleaning, which keeps costs down while supporting environmentally sustainable business practices.

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From the Shop Floor:

Pictured to the left is a customer's sump pump that was shipped to ICS and was sent back out working like new in under two weeks. ICS assessed that the impeller and bearing assembly needed to be replaced but the remainder of the parts still had plenty of wear life left. Our team made the required replacements and cleaned and touched-up the cosmetics. This is just one example of the dozens of high-quality pump rebuilds completed in our shop in Nanaimo, BC.

  • Quality All pump rebuilds and work completed in-house by experienced technicians
  • Compatibility ICS pump parts are 100% compatible with Warman®, Metso®, Goulds®, and equipment from other manufacturers
  • Accessibility 99.4% on-time deliveries since 2005
  • Availability With over $8 million of product in stock, the choice between unplanned down-time and a solution is always a phone call away
  • Confidence All ICS pumps up to 12×10 are assembled and tested in-house



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