Why should I choose to work with ICS Wear Group?

As a family company, ICS Wear Group is here for you.  For decades you had little choice when purchasing or servicing your pumps as you were locked in with the original equipment manufacturer.  ICS Wear Group brings competition back into the mining industry by addressing mining equipment requirements of the 21st century.

How did ICS Wear Group start?

In 2005, it was decided that International Castings & Supplies needed a pump division. Within this division, we recognized an opportunity to provide the worldwide mining market with an alternative choice in their slurry applications. Our products consist of the latest design in high performance pumping equipment for abrasive, corrosive & erosive mining environments. Our ability to relate directly with the customer and the subsequent relationships we have developed have allowed us to design and patent hundreds of new parts that not only replace but outperform the pre-existing competitor. Each product is held to the highest standard of quality control.

This starts with recording each individual part that is manufactured, testing each part against drawing tolerances and following up with customers on performance testing while getting their suggestions on how to further improve their operations. Our team of draftsmen, engineers, foundry experts and machinists guarantee that regardless of what you are mining and what conditions you are operating under, we will provide you with the highest quality product and the highest standard of customer support. Taking on the world’s toughest pumping challenges, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality parts while reducing inventory and costly downtimes. Our products ensure that your mine site is operating with the safest equipment available.

Where is ICS Wear Group located?

ICS Wear Group, although having many offices and distributors worldwide, has its primary warehouse and head office in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Here, you are able to view over 10,000 drawings and patterns while requesting space to have products stocked free of charge. It is important that ICS Wear Group maintains a strong relationship with our local mining community as well as the world wide mining community. We invite all potential new customers to visit our Surrey facility to meet with those individuals overseeing your project.

You will find that many company’s headquarters are not open to the public, as not only are they not willing to work directly with you but they are protected by government regulations that prevent you from learning about your product’s development.

Once you begin working with ICS Wear Group, you become an extension of our family’s ability to promote and establish safe and high quality pumping products.

I currently use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, why would I want to switch to an after-market parts (AMP) specialist?

Three main reasons: cost effectiveness, delivery times, and customer service. We are able to offer you the same high quality products, but you don’t have to pay for the OEM name. Our parts are guaranteed to meet your expectations at a justifiable price.

Lower price does not mean lower quality. Our parts are individually inspected to ensure maximum operating efficiency. After initial orders all items can be stocked free of charge. To you, this means same day shipping of your frequently ordered parts. To ensure excellent customer service, we have on-site technicians, machinists, and engineers to answer all of your questions relating to operations, installation, and applications.

Are your spare parts interchangeable with the OEM’s?

Yes.  All of our parts are 100% interchangeable with OEM parts for pumps currently on the market.  We offer pump parts ranging in size from 1.5×1 all the way up to and including 20×18.

I really do not want to replace my pumps. Can ICS Wear Group rebuild or service them?

Yes. We offer two ways to take advantage of ICS’s advancements in pump technology. You can use our parts to repair or rebuild your existing pumps, in whole or in part. To reduce downtime due to rebuilding or servicing, we have parts and/or pumps stocked in our warehouse. To upgrade your pumps, you can choose from two options:

  • On-site trouble shooting and repairs; or
  • Shipping your pump to our ICS yard, where our team of technicians will assess the repairs and provide you with cost-effective solution.

All of this is done in a timely manner to minimize unscheduled downtime and save you money.

I expect to need parts at a later date. Will you stock them without a purchase order so they are readily available for me?

Yes.  We offer all of our customers the luxury of having any and all items stocked free of charge.

Will you customize parts to match the specific challenges of our mine site?

Yes. We understand that individual mine sites experience stresses unique to to their particular site. We offer customized solutions for you. All we require to increase the efficiency of your existing product is:

  • Either a sample and/or drawing
  • A detailed description of the current application
  • An outline of what you are trying to achieve

Once we receive this information, our team of metallurgists, engineers, and tribologists will address your goals and work toward achieving them. We will address critical points, make recommendations based on the challenges of your application – whether abrasion, corrosion, or impact or a combination of the three – and determine the alloy, chemical composition, hardness, and machining tolerances which will resolve your problem.

In the event that a pattern is required, we will first check our pattern templates before constructing a new pattern so you don’t get charged for unnecessary work. If a new pattern is needed, we will construct it and this new pattern becomes your property upon completion of the job.

With each pattern, you will receive a drawing of your new part. Once you have approved the pattern and drawing, we will proceed with final design, manufacturing and machining.

What about shipping costs?

We carry accounts with many shipping companies in order to give you the most timely and cost-effective shipping.  Our shipping and customs experts are available to work with you to assure a trouble-free purchase and delivery experience.  We offer expedited shipping, air shipping, as well as regular ground service. Whatever the urgency of your order is, we can meet your shipping needs.

Do you offer preferred pricing or quantity discounts?

Yes.  We offer pricing discounts when ordering certain quantities of pumps and or replacement parts.  Our main goal is to give you ease of use and reduced downtime at cost-effective pricing.

Do you have a guarantee on your pumps and your parts?

Yes.  We offer a 100% guarantee on all of our products.  If a part does not meet your expectations, we will gladly replace the part free of charge.  For pumps, we address your concerns by reviewing any reported issues and suggesting or providing solutions.  If required, we will view the pump’s operation on-site to assess the issues.  We provide you with a guaranteed solution, whether that is replacing the pump and/or servicing the pump.

Why are OEM’s now working with ICS and why are we the market leader in designing site-specific spare parts?

First and foremost, it should be noted that we have proprietary materials for both abrasion, as well as impact. In both cases our materials harden throughout their life cycle, ensuring that wear life and performance are optimized. These materials will get stronger over time and as the work conditions become harsher, the material will toughen.

All pumps and replacement pump parts are designed specifically for the mining industry and to outperform the likes of AR plate, chrome carbide plate, and hardened plate (also available for lining projects and all materials also available for piping).

  1. ICS.AV Plate used for blades, hammers, chutes, transfer points, conveyors (drop areas); Bars – gears, hammers, shafts, moils, couplings, and drive shafts (Impact Applications as it work hardens)
  2. ICS.45 – chutes, hammers, liners, cyclones, dozer blades, cutting edges, and buckets (Excellent substitution to ICS.AV when impact is not a factor; ideal for abrasion and corrosion)
  3. ICS.TT – proprietary chrome carbide overlay plate; excellent for high volume of abrasion wet and dry (Ideal in areas such as pneumatic processing plants and loading chutes); wears consistently
  4. ICS.80 – another substitute for ICS.AV (chutes, liners, cyclones, and cutting edges)
  5. ICS.48 – an excellent substitute and replacement for AR400; carries some impact hardenability; excellent in wet or dry applications; cost effective

Another option for protecting and repairing your parts, or for lining areas of your plant that may be prematurely failing is our ICS-200 ceramic compound, which outperforms the likes of Belzona, Devcon, and Nordbak at a 3 to 1 ratio.

SECOND, relating to all pumps, pump parts, and repairs please provide with me with a pump list as this will better equip me to an understanding as to your operation. Please include whether pumps are rubber lined, metal lined, and/or urethane lined.

With regards to pumps and pump parts, we have re-designed hundreds of pump components ranging from shafts, wet ends (impeller, casings, etc) in a wide range of alloys including high chrome, rubber, urethane, and proprietary materials. With most pump parts, we prefer to get a sample as this allows us to not only analyze such things as wall thickness and material, but also the critical wear areas. Currently we are in the process of re-designing a 7000 pound GIW casing.

Thank you for taking the time to review our “Frequently Asked Question” page.  If you still have questions, please contact us through our website, or by calling our head office at 250-722-0169.