Labyrinth Seals

Manufacturer: ICS Wear Group

Part Number: ICSMMLBS

OEM Compatibility: Warman® 062


    Labyrinth Seals

    Manufacturer: ICS Wear Group
    Part Number: ICSMMLBS
    OEM Compatibility: Warman® 062

    Product Outline:

    ICS Mill Master labyrinth seals display a combination of properties that allow for exceptional performance.

    Labyrinth seals are an essential component within a bearing assembly, as they are responsible for keeping a chosen lubricant (typically grease) inside of the cavity containing the bearings. They provide a simple and effective solution that has been relied upon in slurry processes for decades. While we’ve made improvements over the years with material selection and maintaining our very high standards in machining tolerances, ICS Wear Group labyrinth seals continue to provide the best possible fit with other ICS Mill Master critical spare parts or their OEM equivalent.

    Click here to learn more about the basics of labyrinth seals.

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    Product Reference Table


    Reference Number ICS Part Number ID (mm) OD (mm) Height (mm) Wt (lbs) Base Price (USD)
    B062E62 ICSMMBLBS 37.4 72.0 32.0 0.5
    C062E62 ICSMMCLBS 50.3 108.0 39.3 1.3
    D062E62 ICSMMDLBS 70.7 134.0 47.5 1.3
    E062E62 ICSMMELBS 88.4 170.0 53.0 4.5
    EE062E62 ICSMMEELBS 85.8 170.0 37.8 4.5
    F062E62 ICSMMFLBS 114.4 205.0 63.5 7.5
    FF062E62 ICSMMFFLBS 112.0 205.0 51.0 9.0
    G062E62 ICSMMGLBS 149.3 270.0 71.5 9.0
    S062E62 ICSMMSLBS 127.0 220.0 56.0 9.8
    S062DME62 ICSMMSLBS 127.0 220.0 90.0 16.0
    T062E62 ICSMMTLBS 264.0 264.0 64.0 20.0



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